DG: Australia


Dove Gospel – Australia is uniquely positioned to care for members of our conregation in a judgement free enviroment where we are family.

Faith comes by hearing

& Hearing by the word of Christ.

Romans 10:17


We’re building our home in Sydney, Australia.


Sydney Australia

Clarence St,

Sydney Australia


Sydney Australia

Plugged In

Our one desire is for you to be intimate with the LORD and to know His words through the Bible.

Looking for more? We have created a media library for our sermons and content. Checkout our video library for the latest broadcasts to edify your spirit with the living word of God.

Local Family

Internatonal Community

Dove Gospel – Australia is covered under the chapter Dove Gospel – Oceania of Dove Gospel – Church within our movement of continents worldwide. This means wherever you travel in post-covid times, we’ve got a family ready to receive you *no matter the destination.









Middle East



Australia & New Zealand

Family Travel* is an application process for those within our Australian / Oceania conregation to seek lodging and support in their travel to further the gospel of Jesus Christ among the nations.

Our Senior Leadership

Emc. James Hughes

Dove Gospel – Australia / Oceania is home to our founder and leader of the worldwide movement we see in Dove Gospel today.


Emc. James Hughes bases his operations out of Sydney, Australia and warmly welcomes all to reach out and be blessed by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and for prayer/ministry.


Whether it be $5 or $10,000 an offering is an action to support the body of Christ and to align yourself in trust of the LORD with his provisions.